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WITMA Media Group, LLC is the corporate parent of the newly formed technology startup in early stages of development, WITMA... a unique new business platform bringing musical artists, concert venues, promoters, and fans together. It lets fans discover new and exciting music concerts and shows in town, and helps revitalize the overall music scene.

(Where Is The Music At) WITMA's platform will serve as the missing link between venue, artist, and public and will also help venues in a bind by providing access to bands that are local and able to fill in at a moment's notice should their primary talent fall through. Currently in the earliest stages of development, the WITMA platform is sure to create buzz in the coming months.

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Join us on August 10th @ the Marquee Theater in Tempe for the Matisyahu concert and then on August 13th @ Barnes & Noble for Vinyl Days

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WITMA’s leadership is a unique combination of industry knowledge, passion to execute, and the ability to succeed through adversity through dedication, determination, and perseverance with integrity.

Witma Media Group Team


Michael Rinehart

CEO - Founder

Michael Rinehart founded Witma in 2015. As CEO and founding partner of Witma Media Group, he possesses a strong sales and…


J.G. "Dubs" Daye

COO - Founder

Dubs has been singing, and banging out rhythms since the age of two. A life long musician, Dubs played saxophone and drums…


Dani Cutler


Dani Cutler is owner of Dani Cutler Content Creation LLC, a digital marketing firm in Arizona. She has over 6 years of digital…

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